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CarolinaWxGroup Interview and More…


Hello everyone!

Be sure to watch my interview with the CarolinaWxGroup on youtube! Dr. Lupo had issues with his camera, but joined in on the phone.

Right now, I’m in the process of gathering data for my January verification post, which will be published in a few days…I promise!  Meeting with Dr. Lupo is at 11:30am today and we plan on discussing quite a few objectives for our future research.

Radio Show Interviews

Hey everyone!


Finally got the Mid-Missouri Freedom interview from October 6, 2015 uploaded.  Start at 38:40 to hear the interview of Dr. Lupo and myself with Steve of the Mid-Missouri Freedom Forum. At 55:30 is where I talked about this fall and winter.


My interview with the Farm & Fiddle Show on 12-02-15 starts at 18:00.




Mid December Wave 5 Pattern

One of the best discoveries that I found while the initial research period of the BSR was NCAR‘s research into the wave-5 pattern.

Note the 8-10 day outlooks from 12z.

Just in case…here are the 00z

The key is placement of the trough. The euro looks more like a Great Lakes/NNE while the GFS is Plains/Rockies look and the CMC is a Rockies focus.

Keep an eye on this as the current lag is ~19 days which translates to the January 5-7, 2016 period.